the unseen world

The Bible speaks of spirit beings that are unseen to the human eye but nevertheless exist. This includes angels, both good and bad, as well demons and the devil himself. This series takes an in-depth look at what the Bible has to tell us about these beings and the consequences that they can have on our lives.

ANGELS:  god's invisible messengers

In this book we will find out what the Bible has to say about the identity of the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He merely a force that comes from God or is He more than that? In this part of the course we will discover the biblical teaching on the Holy Spirit is that He is God – the Third Person of the Trinity.

Question 1: Why Is It Important To Study The Subject Of The Holy Spirit?

Question 2: What Is The Proper Way Of Approaching The Subject Of The Spirit Of God?

Question 3: Why Is The Subject Of The Holy Spirit Neglected?

Question 4: Who Is The Holy Spirit? (The Spirit Of God)

Question 5: Is The Holy Spirit A Person?

Question 6: Does The New Testament Depart From The Normal Rules Of Grammar To Indicate The Personality Of The Holy Spirit?

Question 7: Could The Holy Spirit Merely Be The Personification Of God’s Power?

Question 8: Why Is The Holy Spirit Spoken Of In The Neuter Gender?

Question 9: Why Do Some Argue That The Holy Spirit Is An Impersonal Force?

Question 10: What Do We Learn About The Nature Of The Spirit Of God From The Old Testament?

Question 11: Is The Holy Spirit Called God?

Question 12: Is The Holy Spirit Associated On An Equal Basis With God The Father And God The Son?

Question 13: Does The Holy Spirit Have The Attributes Of God?

Question 14: Has The Holy Spirit Performed Divine Works?

Question 15: What Different Titles Are Ascribed To The Spirit Of God?

Question 16: Why Is The Holy Spirit Called, “The Spirit Of Jesus Christ” And “The Spirit Of Jesus?”

Question 17: Should The Holy Spirit Be Singled Out For Worship?

Question 18: Whom Does The Holy Spirit Proceed From? (Procession, Filioque Controversy)

Question 19: What Is The “Name” Of The Holy Spirit?

Question 20: Who Are The Seven Spirits?

Question 21: Is There A Counterfeit Holy Spirit?

Question 22: What Symbols Does The Bible Use To Describe The Holy Spirit?

Question 23: Why Is The Holy Spirit Compared To A Dove?

Question 24: Why Is The Holy Spirit Compared To Water?

Question 25: Why Is The Holy Spirit Compared To Fire?

Question 26: Why Is The Holy Spirit Compared To The Wind?

Question 27: Why Is The Holy Spirit Compared To Clothing?

Question 28: Why Is The Holy Spirit Compared To A Pledge Or Guarantee?

Question 29: Why Is The Holy Spirit Associated With Anointing With Oil?

Question 30: Why Is The Seal, Or Insignia, A Symbol Of God’s Spirit?

Question 31: Is There A Difference Between The Holy Spirit And The Holy Ghost?


Topic 1: Evil Angels

The Bible says there are creatures known as “angels.” In the first book in our series on the unseen world, we examined the topic of the good angels, the ones who have remained faithful to the Lord.

However, not all of the angels which God originally created have remained righteous. In this first section of our book we will look at the subject of evil angels. Where did they come from? Did God create them as evil creatures? This section will answer these and other questions regarding these evil angels.

Topic 2: Demons

Scripture says that creatures, known as demons or evil spirits, actually exist. Although much about these evil spirit-beings is shrouded in mystery Scripture does have a number of things to say about them. In this section of our book we will look at the biblical teaching concerning demons.

Topic 3: The Occult

This final section of the book looks at the subject of the occult. We will consider such subjects as witchcraft, sorcery, talking to the dead, and Halloween.

Part  1: Evil Angels - The Fallen Spirit Beings

Question 1: Why Should The Subject Of Evil Angels Be Studied?

Question 2: Who Are The Evil Angels?

Question 3: When Did The Angelic Rebellion Occur?

Question 4: Where Do The Evil Angels Reside?

Question 5: How Many Evil Angels Exist?

Question 6: Are The Evil Angels Organized?

Question 7: What Do Evil Angels Do?

Question 8: What Is The Destiny Of Evil Angels?

Topic 2: Demons - The Existence And Work Of Evil Spirits

Question 9: Do Demons Actually Exist?

Question 10: How Are We To Understand Jesus’ Belief In Demons?

Question 11: What Are Demons?

Question 12: What Are The Various Names What Are The Various Titles, Or Names, Given To Demonic Or Evil Spirits?

Question 13: Where Did Demons Originate?

Question 14: What Is The Difference Between Demons And Devils?

Question 15: What Power Do Demons Have?

Question 16: What Are The Limitations Of Demons?

Question 17: Do Demons Understand The Limitations Of Their Power?

Question 18: Are There Such Things As Territorial Spirits? (Daniel 10)

Question 19: Can Demons Materialize In Human Or Animal Form?

Question 20: What Are The Doctrines Of Demons?

Question 21: Is Demon Possession A Reality?

Question 22: Does The New Testament Give Specific Examples Of People Being Demon Possessed?

Question 23: What Conclusions Can Be Made About Demon Possession?

Question 24: What Happens When A Person Is Demon-Possessed?

Question 25: Can A Person Become Demon-Possessed Today?

Question 26: Can A Christian Be Demon-Possessed?

Question 27: Does The New Testament Equate Disease With Demon Possession?

Question 28: What Authority Do Christians Have Over Demons?

Question 29: What Are Some Practical Considerations In Dealing With Demonic Forces?

Question 30: What Is The Ultimate Fate Of Demons?

Part 3: The Occult - The Unseen Realm Of Darkness

Question 31: What Does The Bible Have To Say About Various Forms Of Occult Practices? (Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery)

Question 32: What Does The Bible Say About The Practice Of Divination?

Question 33: Can Forbidden Knowledge Actually Be Obtained By Occultic Practices?

Question 34: What Is The History Of Halloween?

Question 35: Where Did The Popular Traditions About Halloween Come From?

Question 36: What Should Christians Do At Halloween?


Question 1: Does Satan, Or The Devil, Really Exist?  

Question 2: Why Should We Study About Satan, Or The Devil?

Question 3: What Does The Old Testament Say About Satan?

Question 4: What Does The New Testament Say About The Devil?

Question 5: Who Is Satan? What Is His Career?

Question 6: How Is Satan’s Character Described?

Question 7: What Does Satan Look Like?

Question 8: How Does Satan Counterfeit Jesus?

Question 9: What Contrasts Are There Between The Devil And The Holy Spirit?

Question 10: Does Satan Have His Own Kingdom?

Question 11: Did God Create The Devil?

Question 12: What Caused Satan’s Fall?

Question 13: What Were The Results Of Satan’s Fall?

Question 14: Where Does Satan Presently Live?

Question 15: Why Did God Allow Satan To Continue After He Rebelled?

Question 16: Why Is Satan Called Lucifer?

Question 17: What Are Some Of The Different Titles Of Satan?

Question 18: Does Isaiah Speak Of Satan’s Fall? (Isaiah 14)

Question 19: Is Ezekiel Speaking Of Satan Or The King Of Tyre? (Ezekiel 28)

Question 20: Why Did God Use The King Of Babylon And The King Of Tyre To Illustrate The Fall Of Satan?

Question 21: How Has The Devil Attempted To Thwart God’s Plan Of The Ages?

Question 22: In What Ways Did Jesus Achieve Victory Over The Devil?

Question 23: How Has Satan Attempted To Destroy The Church?

Question 24: How Will Satan Work Through The Man Of Sin?

Question 25: Will God Release The Devil For A Short Time After Christ Returns?

Question 26: What Is The Ultimate Destiny Of The Devil?

Question 27: What Is The Extent Of Satan’s Power?

Question 28: Is Satan Able To Perform Miracles?

Question 29: Was The Serpent Who Spoke To Eve In The Garden Of Eden Actually Satan?

Question 30: How Does Satan Keep Unbelievers In Spiritual Darkness?

Question 31: What Are The Methods Of The Devil Toward The Believer?

Question 32: Can Satan Cause Physical Harm To Believers?

Question 33: When Does Satan Spiritually Attack The Believer?

Question 34: Can Believers Be The Unwitting Tools Of Satan?

Question 35: How Can The Believer Have Victory Over The Devil?