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According to the Bible, human beings are not here on earth by blind chance, but rather have been created in the image of God. However, today that is a fallen image, marred by sin. This series looks at who humans are, how sin has entered our world, as well as how a person can be saved from sin. These are crucial topics that everyone needs to understand


Human Beings: Who Are We?

In this book we will look at ourselves – the human race. Who are we human beings? Where did we come from? Is there any meaning for our existence? Does the Bible say that we here as a result of blind chance or have we been created by God? What’s the answer? There are other questions which need to be addressed. Is their an immaterial part of us as well as a material part or are we just made up of a body? If we are more than just a body, are we composed of body, soul and spirit or something else? These all-important issues will be dealt with as we look at the identity of humankind according to the words of Scripture.

What Does The Bible Teach About Sin?

The subject of this book is sin. It is a term that is rarely used today because people do not want to admit that such a thing exists. Yet, the Bible is clear: sin is a problem that has infected the entire human race and, therefore, it must be dealt with. In this book we will look at the origin of sin, how it has been passed on to all of us, as well as the remedy which God has provided.

What Is The Doctrine Of Salvation?

According to the Bible, human beings are fallen creatures. Sin entered the world by means of the first two humans, Adam and Eve and it has been passed down to each and every one of us. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is salvation from sin provided by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. In this book, we will examine the doctrine of salvation from the biblical perspective. We will look at such questions as, “How is a person saved? Can we save ourselves? Did Jesus do enough on the cross to save each and every one of us?” It is crucial that we understand what the Bible has to say on this most important of subjects.

What Are The Differences Between Calvinism And Arminianism?

Among Protestant Christians, there are two major schools of theology which have arisen in the church. They are Calvinism and Arminianism. What exactly are they? Where did they originate? Which, if either, is the most biblical? We will also look at what the group have in common as well as where they differ. This is an age-old debate that is important for each of us to understand exactly what they are debating about.

Can A Believer Lose Their Salvation?

This question has been a source of controversy among believers for a long time. Simply put, once a person trusts Jesus Christ as his or her Savior is there any way that they can lose their salvation? If so, what does a person do to lose it?  We will look at the best arguments each side has to offer.  We will conclude that Scripture teaches that believers cannot lose their salvation once they have trusted Christ. Passages that seem to teach otherwise will be examined in their context.

Who We Are According To The Bible

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